Co-Creative Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps us quiet our minds and be fully present in the current moment. By focusing our attention on the emptiness within and exploring our inner thoughts and energy centers, we can connect with a higher power (Divine Source) and our true selves (eternal I Am presence). As humans with Free Will, we have been gifted the ability to Co-Create our own reality. This means we can use our imagination and feelings to envision what we desire and act as if it has already happened. By doing this, we leave a powerful imprint on our subconscious mind and bring our thoughts into tangible form in the universe's fabric of time and space. The Universe then works in alignment with us to help manifest our greatest dreams when we ask for them.


You are Divine. You are Loved. You are Grace.

Individual & Group Sessions Available
$111/hr on zoom or in person
+ plus travel if attending a location or event of your choice

Stay Blessed