Dori Balm

Dori Balm

Terpene Rich Topicals

Dori Balm Recovery Rub is a deeply concentrated, terpene-rich, reliable, and effective topical that is the base for all the topicals in the Dori Balm line. Dori Balm has been loved and sought after for 20+ years! Originally developed by Dori Edwards to soothe the hard, calloused hands of world-tradition drummers, this sacred offering is loved for its ability to provide dependable topical relief all over your body! 

We blend concentrated hemp oil (or concentrated RSO cannabis oil for our THC version) with aromatic and medicinal herbs into a skin-loving salve. Carefully chosen premium base ingredients such as Karite, Hypericum, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Arnica, and hemp are naturally rich in botanical terpenes and are known the world over for their nourishing and therapeutic effects. Studies show topicals infused with hemp compounds work because of the unique phytochemicals found in the plant. The skin is full of CB1 & CB2 receptors & when they are activated they help to inhibit the inflammatory response.

A treat for the senses, Dori Balm is a deeply emollient and effective treatment for anywhere that aches. Dori Balm is especially beneficial for skin that is irritated and inflamed. Dori Balm provides soothing relief for a variety of ailments. Use Dori Balm to ease and calm. Find soothing moisture and healing alchemy within this potent potion! Feel better with Dori Balm!

Dori Balm is the Leaf Link 2020 Winner of the fastest-growing topical in the nation. The award-winning Dori Balm Line includes Dori Balm Recovery Rub, Dori Balm Balance Rub in 4oz sizes. Dori balm is now in 9ML travel sizes! Look for Dori balm infused massage oils coming soon! The Dori Balm line is available for purchase online at

You can also find our concentrated, high potency cannabis version, Dori Balm Therapeutic Rub, at your local provisioning center (sold only in licensed provisioning centers across the state of Michigan). Check out our other website for licensed vendor locations

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